How to Accelerate New Employee Productivity

How to Accelerate New Employee Productivity

Accelerating a new employee’s productivity rate is a goal that every agency strives to achieve. The onboarding process involves many time consuming elements. Everything from preparing new-hire paperwork, to ensuring equipment is ready on time, and reducing the onboarding cycle from days to minutes can help your agency save millions of dollars and increase productivity rates for new employees. How can you enable new hire productivity across every level of your organization? Here are some tips to ensure your new employees can hit the ground running.

1. Streamline Your Process

Streamline paperwork, cut mailing costs and increase overall consistency to improve your employees’ productivity on day one. Streamlining time-consuming onboarding tasks allows hiring managers and HR staff to dedicate more time to employee orientation and training, and less time to tactical logistics. Maintaining employee engagement early on establishes a healthy work environment. Managing the employee life cycle can be simplified by including engaging media content, data forms, and automated processes that save both time and money.

2. You Only Get One First Impression

Making a good impression not only allows your employees to become more engaged, but it solidifies the positive messages conveyed during the recruiting process. Creating a consistent experience across your organization delivers benefits such as legal and policy compliance, while enhancing your agency’s brand. Providing excellent employee engagement also enforces your employees’ retention rate. New-hire portals can help to improve engagement with a personalized source of new employee information.

3. Go Paperless to Go Green

Portals streamline administration and eliminate hard-copies for onboarding new employees. By eliminating hard copies of employee forms, your agency will be cutting back on high printing, shipping, and storage costs while reducing your carbon footprint. Validated electronic signatures also provide agencies with a paperless alternative that ensures compliance and consistency through signature time stamps and IP addresses.

4. Consistency is Key

Creating a consistent onboarding process is a key element to providing a positive new hire experience. Employee satisfaction increases right away as new hires receive consistent communications regarding agency goals and how they can support them. There is no need for each hiring manager to create a separate welcome e-mail. A correspondence library contains consistent messaging that reflects your brand by creating a complete collection of correspondence for both new hires and internal participants. Consistent processes are imperative for agency and new-hire accountability; the onboarding process should always be tracked and monitored.

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