Infographic: What’s a Security Clearance Worth?

The ClearanceJobs.com Salary Survey shows how defense industry and cleared salaries stack up – check it out at http://www.clearancejobs.com/files/infographic.html

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Corey McCarren

That’s a huge gender gap. I wonder, is that largely because of the armed services aspect of the security clearance, or is there that much of a gap for contractors and civilian government employees as well.

Steven Swiech

@Corey, in my experience it is definitely due to the military gender gap. Most people I know/knew with a clearance received them while they were active duty and then maintained them as they became civilians working with government.


Very cool! And ties in to what I’ve heard that most people get a $5-25k premium based on level of clearance and occupation field

Faye Newsham

They don’t include Trusted Employee or Trusted Employee+ which would be the lowest levels and be the most common varieties of clearance. That would bring in a lot more of your women and non-military also. This would also make the civilian agencies better represented (every employee and contractor has to have one of the above)…