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London Conference on Cyberspace

On 1-2 November, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office will be hosting the London Conference on Cyberspace (www.fco.gov.uk/londoncyber)

The conference will cover a number of different themes including social benefits of the web, economic growth and development, safe and reliable access online, cyber crime and international security.

It will be an opportunity for citizens to make their views known to governments and businesses on the issues they need to be addressing. The aim is that this conference will be the start of a more focused dialogue between all of the parties involved regarding how to make the most of the benefits that the web offers.

The conference will be hosted by the UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague, and there are a number of high profile speakers and delegates attending including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia (more about the speakers here: http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/global-issues/london-conference-cyberspace/conference-speakers) and you can see the programme here: http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/global-issues/london-conference-cyberspace/conference-programme.

How to get involved

There will be lots of debate going on online during the conference and we will be feeding that debate into the conference sessions (this will involve putting questions from our online participants to the panel) .


We are lining up a number of bloggers on the various different issues around the conference to be putting forward their views in advance and during the conference.

If you’d be interested in blogging about the biggest issues that they feel like the governments, businesses and NGOs involved in the conference should be addressing then let me know. We would love to add the content that you publish (in advance and during the event) to the debate surrounding the conference.

Via Twitter:

Tweet your questions in English in advance of the conference, or while it is taking place. Include the hashtag #LondonCyber for general questions and add one of the following hashtags, corresponding with the relevant theme, so that we can match your question to the right session: #social, #economic, #crime, #access, #security

Via Facebook:

You can go to the Foreign Secretary’s page on Facebook and ask a question in English there.

If you see a question that has already been asked, you can like it, to help us see what the most popular questions are. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=285206638170379

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