Start a Government Small Business Internet Marketing Support Initiative.

If the demand is there, small business will gladly find a way to deal with increased taxes and regulations, and demand is the only way to increase our hiring. That said, I have a very inexpensive way Government can help Small Business demand nationwide for pennies on the dollar.

Start a Government Small Business Internet Marketing Support Initiative. The goals will be …

  • Every US Small Business to sale globally.
  • To sell globally, every US Small Business needs educated and supported in internet marketing.
  • The Government will improve and use their existing internet presences to boost every US Small Business presence and visibility on the internet (global market place).
  • Educational institutions receiving Government monies will be required to have the same internet marketing support for small business initiatives. (As .edu boost USA company website rank too)

Explanation: Based on the fact that every small business can sell globally if their website ranks higher in search engines than competing businesses in other countries. Secondly based on the fact that small business website that have links to them by Government and Educational websites, will rank higher than their competitors in other countries, giving them more visibility, traffic and sales. The current problem…

  • Government does not have a national initiative to promote US Small Business on the internet (global market)
  • Government webmasters know little or nothing about internet marketing and how to best support small business in a global market.
  • College and other Educational and Organizational websites do not provide static links to USA company websites either. (.edu links boost company website traffic too.)

If the above problems where fixed, initiatives set, with little man-hours and virtually no capital investment, the revenue (&GDP) of the USA could be increased 10% in one year. (Thus the increased demand would increase hiring)

Real Case Example: We have used the Government FUSE program for years. The goal is to increase US exports and global business. The quickest and most effective way to do this globally is via internet marketing. We have several country listings like http://www.buyusa.gov/mexico/oportunidadesdenegociosconlosestadosunidos/index.asp?exp_cat=5040&exp_pid=8602 Which being a Government Webpage should be top page one listing in search engines around the world. If this where true (effective) the US business listed would receive the greatest amount of traffic from the page above.

Also if search engines could see the page above, it would increase the rank of our company page too, bring more direct traffic/sales to our site from search engines as well as from the FUSE page. But in reality the above Government listing for our company is virtually invisible to search engines. Why, because those in charge of BuyUSA.gov know little of internet marketing, search engine optimization or it is not their concern. We get over a million clicks per month from our pages on the internet, 2 or 3 from the Government FUSE/buyusa.gov page. It should be the other way around. A Government website page should be attracting and sending more traffic to our website/company than any of our civilian pages.

There are also indicators that the webmasters running buyusa.gov do not even know the basics of running a company website. As we spent much time and money promoting the fuse page so search engines could find it. Then without notice, FUSE changed the url, making all our promoting efforts wasted time and money. They should have at least notified us, so we didn’t have a dead link on our home page pointing to the buyusa page. (because that dead link drops our search engine ranking too.) Second they re-designed the buyusa.gov website, live online and planed on letting us know 2 weeks after words. (but we spotted it before hand and notified them). Running a website 101, one should know, you make and test changes offline, and don’t make live until you test, and notify your customers (which would have been us).

And the above is just one example. You can go to just about any Government website and find the same lack of internet savvy, internet marketing knowledge and management. Like the SBA.gov not providing live static links to the USA company website they list (as .gov links boost USA company website ranking, which boost traffic/sales/USA Revenue) More could be done in the marketing respect for the bnp.gov too, etc. etc.

10% growth within one year just by US Government and Colleges standing behind certified US Small Business company websites. It’s a no brainer, yet evidently the right people are not listening. For more on this topic, see http://www.linkedin.com/groups/How-Government-can-help-Small-3169.S.67110981

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Don Fitchett

Giving credit where credit is due. While the above applies to the majority of Government websites and webmasters, there are exceptions to every rule. The EPA site actualy did use static links to their external resources there by passing on search engine rank value to those resources. Great job EPA !! See their resource page for example of the correct way to do it…