GovLoop Editorial Calendar

JANUARY Data Analytics State & Local 01/20
FEBRUARY State & Local DevOps Data Analytics 02/17
MARCH Cybersecurity DevOps 03/16 In Person: Data Analytics 03/08
APRIL Cloud Cybersecurity 04/27 Virtual Summit 04/20
MAY Health IT FITARA Cloud 05/18 In Person: Cloud 05/11
JUNE DoD Health IT 06/15
JULY Internet of Things DoD 07/20
AUGUST Cybersecurity Internet of Things 08/17 In Person: Cybersecurity 08/23
SEPTEMBER Data Analytics State & Local Book Club 09/21 State & Local Virtual Summit 09/14
OCTOBER Customer Service Critical Infrastructure State & Local 10/12 Virtual Tech Day 10/19

In Person: Customer Service 10/26

NOVEMBER Human Resources Customer Service 11/16
DECEMBER Top Innovations Top Innovations 12/14


January: Data Analytics
Launch: 01/29
Data is a powerful tool for solving today’s challenges and predicting government’s future needs. But data alone can only tell agencies so much. They need the proper tools and techniques to effectively analyze data for better and faster decision- making; to track program success; and fight fraud, waste and abuse. In our new GovLoop guide, you’ll hear directly from agencies that are harnessing the power of data analytics and learn why analytics are important and how it can be used across government.

February: State & Local
Launch: 02/12
In many cities, we have come a long way from run-of-the-mill town halls and six hour waits at the DMV. Across state and local government, public servants are deploying new tactics, tools, and technologies to better serve and engage the public. How did we get here, what’s happening now, and what more can we do to drive local government forward? This guide details the state and local government landscape to answer those questions with expert insights, case studies, and data.

February: DevOps
Launch: 02/26
DevOps is more than just the latest tech buzzword. It’s a software development methodology that has the potential to transform the way government creates solutions for agencies and for citizens. However, the journey to successful DevOps is not without its roadblocks. Your agency’s organization, processes and even its culture may need to be revamped to really take advantage of DevOp opportunities. This guide provides a roadmap to preparing for, deploying, and achieving results from DevOps processes. It also provides tips and lessons learned from public sector leaders who have already succeeded with this innovative methodology.

March: Cybersecurity
Launch: 03/25
Cybersecurity is a top priority for every government CIO, but there is no one-size-fits-all model to protect critical information or IT systems. Instead, agency leaders must determine which strategies fit their specific needs and vulnerabilities. But how do you know what tactics work and how to deploy them? In this guide, GovLoop speaks with government leaders and IT experts about what’s worked for them in real-world conditions, combatting real cyberthreats. We break their case studies into practical advice and lessons learned, so you can determine how to move your agency cybersecurity strategy forward.

April: Cloud
Launch: 04/29
Cloud computing has transformed the business of government. Everything from email, payroll, HR, software, and telework has been impacted by cloud computing. But what has the actual impact been on organizations? What can we learn from the early innovators of cloud computing? Cloud computing is now at a tipping point, what was once a far-fetched idea in IT innovation, is now standard operating procedure. In this guide, GovLoop speaks with IT leaders from the state, local and federal government about the impact of cloud computing, and how it has changed their organizations. We break our case studies into the areas where cloud has had the biggest impact, and tell the stories from public sector leaders.

May: Health IT
Launch: 05/13
More and more, health care providers are using health IT to improve patient care. But health IT isn’t just for health care providers. Citizens can use health IT to better communicate with their doctor, learn and share information about their health, and take actions that will improve their quality of life. As the scope of health IT grows, government – as the world’s largest IT customer – is driving the adoption of information technology in healthcare. This GovLoop guide will take a look at the current state of government health IT, what innovations it is developing, and how government is driving the adoption of information technology in healthcare.

Launch: 05/27
Change isn’t easy, especially when people are involved. It gets even harder when you add to that mix more than $80 billion worth of information technology resources — scattered across multiple program offices, bureaus and departments. That’s how government has operated for decades. But sweeping reforms passed by Congress in December call for an end to decentralized IT management and a more elevated role for department CIOs, including responsibility to approve tech components of all plans and acquisitions. FITARA will have far-reaching implications beyond the C-suite. If your program relies on IT resources, then you should understand what FITARA is and how it will impact the way you work.

June: DoD
Launch: 06/24
As cyberattacks expand, new technologies evolve, and the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the Department of Defense must seek innovative ways to fulfil its mission of protecting our nation and its interests. In fact, DoD is already transforming its operations, workforce and technologies to combat new threats. In this guide, multiple case studies bring to life the changes DoD is making across its organization. We also look to the future, asking defense leaders the tough questions about what could be next for our largest government agency.

July: Internet of Things
Launch: 07/29
What is the Internet of Things? Simply put, IoT is a series of devices connected to one another via the Internet — and these devices can talk to you, via the information you enter or sensors that you wear and operate. And most of it is automated, meaning these interactions can happen without you even having to do anything. It might sound simple when you put it that way, but it’s a big deal: Internet-connected machines are expected to number 200 billion by 2020, according to research firm IDC Corp. At that rate, these automated machine-to-machine transactions will outnumber human-to-computer transactions. So what does this mean for the public sector? How can they best take advantage of this technology? The latest GovLoop playbook will lay out a roadmap for how to start IoT programs at your agency, giving you everything from tips on creating the right culture to what kind of data and security policies you need to be adapting now.

August: Cybersecurity
Launch: 08/26
You know cybersecurity is important to government. You hear about it in the news every day and your own agency has probably dedicated significant resources to keeping your information and systems secure. But do you know what’s really happening in the world of government cybersecurity? What are we doing now and what will be doing in the future to make sure our national interests and information are protected from cyberthreats? This guide examines the current state of government cybersecurity and asks leaders in the field what could be next.

September: Data Analytics
Launch: 09/16
A growing number of agencies are embracing the power of analytics to better analyze their data and fuel data-driven decision making. For some agencies, the challenge is figuring out where to start when it comes to analytics and determining how mission needs should drive what type of tools they use. To help agencies maximize their use of data analytics we will provide insights on the current state of analytics adoption, highlight some of government’s greatest challenges in using data analytics and provide tips on how to address those issues.

September: State & Local
Launch: 09/30
Public servants at the state and local level face unique challenges, including smaller budgets, fewer resources, and more diverse responsibilities than many of their federal counterparts. But they also have unique opportunities – like the ability to interface directly with citizens and communities or to innovate in more flexible environments. This guide examines how what tactics, strategies, and technologies state and local governments are deploying to overcome these barriers and capitalize on their opportunities for better public service. It details case studies of successful citizen engagement, provides lessons learned from difficult projects, and includes insights from frontline government innovators.

October: Customer Service
Launch: 10/14
The way government interacts with its citizen users is rapidly changing. New technologies, coupled with enhanced customer expectations, mean that customer services must be available anywhere, any time and on any device. For government agencies, innovation is a requirement. In this guide, we examine how local, state, and federal agencies are finding new ways to reach and engage citizens.

October: Critical Infrastructure
Launch: 10/28
The nation’s critical infrastructure provides the essential services that underpin American society and serve as the backbone of our nation’s economy, security, and health. We know it as the power we use in our homes, the water we drink, the transportation that moves us, the stores we shop in, and the communication systems we rely on to stay in touch with friends and family. But today, cyberattacks and threats to our cyber infrastructure touch every aspect of the nation’s critical infrastructure. How is the government protecting this? What are the latest updates in the nation’s critical infrastructure? How are we keeping these essential services safe? GovLoop’s guide on United States’ critical infrastructure will tackle all of these issues.

November: Human Resources
Launch: 11/18
Employee hiring is a multi-step process that often involves a team of people. Everyone has a part to play to ensure the process runs smoothly. Everything from the job posting online to the communication between HR professionals and supervisors must come together seamlessly to ensure the right candidates are identified and brought on board as quickly as possible. This GovLoop playbook breaks down several tips for making hiring more efficient at your agency.

December: Top Innovations
Launch: 12/16
Take a look back at 2015 in the public sector with GovLoop in our annual 20 Top Innovations That Mattered guide. From advances in technology to buzzworthy social media strategies and tactical cybersecurity blitzes, we’ll showcase the best innovations in the public sector that happened in the past year.