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Data May be Open, but is it Secure?

“It would be false to say that people are happily sharing their data with us.” That’s how the Department of Defense’s Col. Bob Saxon explained his agency’s efforts to open up government data. For all of its potential benefits, open data also presents security risks to those providing the information. From loss of agency confidentiality,Read… Read more »

Using Data to Improve Foreign Assistance

We often forget the human aspect of data but improving data analytics and capabilities is more than just improving government. It means accessibility to water for someone halfway across the world, better building of schools, or smarter agricultural development methods in rural impoverished areas. When it comes down to it, big data can be harnessed toRead… Read more »

Your Data Is Crap, And It Isn’t Your Fault

How many agencies are in the federal government? Seems like a straightforward question, right? Well, it depends on whom you ask. Hudson Hollister, Founder and Executive Director of the Data Transparency Coalition, recalled his days working as a congressional staffer for Rep. Darrell Issa and searching for an answer to that very question. “One dayRead… Read more »

Data Analytics Open a World of Possibilities

Astounding. Amazing. Eye-opening. These are the kind of words that David Kushner, Director of Big Data Analytics and Cyber Practice at ViON, used to describe the current state of the world of analytics at GovLoop’s recent data analytics event. “A new world of possibilities is being opened for us,” he stated. “Today is a very exciting time.” According toRead… Read more »