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How Information Security Can be Optimized through Partnerships, Collaboration and Outsourcing

Information security for government agencies is a hot topic these days, and it needs to be confronted in a concerted, specific manner. There are a few factors at hand in the question of information security. Inability to keep abreast of threats, poor risk management understanding, inadequate funding for security initiatives and a shortage of qualifiedRead… Read more »

The Cyber War We Are Losing

We are constantly on our smart phones. We rely on apps such as Google Maps, our favorite news site, or social media outlets (i.e. Facebook and Twitter). Subsequently, a lot of our information is floating around. We’ve heard about the danger this can put us in, but did you know we are also currently inRead… Read more »

How DHS is Creating the Future of Cybersecurity

With constant news about breaches detected and how government is managing the fallout from them, it seems like we are in a reactive state of cybersecurity today. Will that always be the case? If not, what does the future of government cybersecurity look like? At our event, Evolving Tactics to Combat the Cyber Threat, MarkRead… Read more »

Interagency Approach to Cybersecurity

At Tuesday’s GovLoop event, “Evolving Tactics to Combat the Cyber Threat,” govies kicked off the day by focusing on a critical strategy to better tackle cyber threats: interagency collaboration. Michael Garcia is the Acting Director of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) underRead… Read more »

Are You Overlooking Print Security?

In today’s connected world, cybersecurity is far more than keeping malicious applications off your smartphone or thwarting attacks before they wreak havoc on your computer systems. It seems just about anything can — and is — being connected to the Internet these days, and with that increased level of connectivity comes an increased level ofRead… Read more »