The Evolution of Identity Proofing

Identity fraud can be particularly difficult to manage. A consumer’s physical or digital identity can be used for employment fraud, benefits fraud, tax return fraud, and more. Along with the negative effects that fraud can have on the immediate victim, taxpayer dollars go to waste and government programs see diminished results. Unfortunately, there is aRead… Read more »

Redefining Service Delivery to Citizens

In three lessons, this course examines the common challenges to government customer service. Then, it dives into a new approach to customer service that alleviates many of those challenges and provides service across the lifecycle of a service request. Finally, our last lesson offers a checklist of tasks that your agency must complete to provide… Read more »

The Human-Centered Approach (HCD Part 2)

To implement human-centered design in your agency, you’re going to need a toolbox of methods, techniques, and resources, as well as a process to guide you through using that toolbox. This course is Part 2 of an ongoing series of learning modules that delve into the process of human-centered design. Watch Part 1, The Human-Centered DesignRead… Read more »

The Human-Centered Design Mindset (HCD Part 1)

Every agency has a responsibility to focus its efforts on fulfilling the needs of its citizens. However, it’s unfortunately all-too-common for competing interests to shift the discussion toward internal agendas and interests. This course introduces the concept of human-centered design and its role in developing government products, services, and policies that put citizens and their… Read more »