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To Meet Human Needs, Think Human-Centric

The public sector is full of buzzwords. Blockchain. AI. Agile. Machine Learning. Human-centered design. Sometimes these words are more fluff than substance. But when these technologies and approaches are implemented thoughtfully and effectively, they transcend mere buzz and can actually lead to successful outcomes. This has been my experience with human-centered design.

Human-Centered Design in New York City

In New York City, unlike in many other localities, students get to pick where they go to high school. That selection process usually takes place in the sixth or seventh grade, so that students have ample time to meet qualifications and complete a lengthy application process. Formerly, that process was based on one compendium ofRead… Read more »

An Introduction to Design Thinking

As part of our learning series leading up to the Next Generation of Government Summit, we spent an evening with Joshua Marcuse, Senior Advisor for Policy Innovation at the Department of Defense, and Beth Flores, a former DoD employee who now runs Impact Hub D.C. We only had an hour but it was enough time for themRead… Read more »

Exploring the Role of the Big “D” Designer in Government

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog arguing that everyone designs. In that post, I talked about how those of us with little to no design experience are still designers (just little “d” designers), as we work to improve situations and experiences around us. Big “D” Designers, on the other hand, are those individualsRead… Read more »