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A government agency heads for the clouds

Happy Friday! The folks keeping tabs on the economic stimulus program took a big technological step recently by moving the government’s popular stimulus-tracking Web site to “the cloud.” “Cloud computing” allows data and software to be stored in remote data centers rather than on-site servers, providing significant savings to an organization’s capital costs and environmentalRead… Read more »

Building a Wiki Community: The 90-9-1 Problem

In last week’s discussion on encouraging the timid contributor, Govloop creator Steve Ressler left a link to the phenomenal — and horrifying — site It explains a common community interaction ratio seen on wikis. The 90-9-1 Principle states that members of a community will interact with the wiki in a defined way. According toRead… Read more »

Google UK offers free webinar to council webbies on ‘conversions’

As part of Google UK’s increasing local engagement it is running the first in a series of Webinar‘s next week. This one is about ‘conversions’, getting users through a process on your website and sucessfully out the other end. This process may start from them clicking on an ad or being directed from the homepageRead… Read more »