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7 Leadership Communication Tips That Build Employee Engagement

It takes a great leader to keep a team moving in the right direction, motivated to do better and work as a cohesive unit. But, it’s not just about the leader alone. How leadership is demonstrated and communicated greatly impacts the level of engagement employees will show. Regardless of the level of skills a personRead… Read more »

Build a Better Business Case in Zero to Sixty

Innovation and initiative are great talents for federal employees to exude every day. The ideas that you generate today can lead to process improvement, reduced expenses as well as improved customer service. Yet the road to develop, design and implement great ideas can be a challenging one. The ability to create, implement and manage newRead… Read more »

Mic Check: Public Speaking 101

It’s Wednesday and your manager gives you a new task: write and deliver a speech for 100 people at a public event in two days. You will either react in one of two ways: thrilled at the professional development opportunity — or fearful of speaking publicly in front of large crowds. Fear of public speakingRead… Read more »