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How to Implement a State or City Wide Content Strategy

In the digital era, citizens are not just getting information about government from press releases or even their state’s main website. Now, citizens are connecting to government via apps, dashboards,various websites and social media. All of these content vehicles reach citizens in new and engaging ways. But the reality is that in the quest to… Read more »

Whip-Smart Back to School Citizen Engagement Campaigns

Many Americans are really stressed about one thing right now, and that’s back to school. With about 70 million students expected in kindergarten through college in Fall 2015, everyone’s paying attention to back-to-school messages. Now’s the time to talk to your audiences about how your agency can help them during this hectic period. School administrators and teachers are looking forRead… Read more »

Content Strategy: Where to Start

For many of us in the public sector, being a content strategist is another hat we’re supposed to wear as jack-of-all-trades web specialists. If you haven’t done much research on how to develop a content strategy or why, this post will help you get started. What’s in a content strategy? To define content strategy, RachelRead… Read more »

Bringing Sexy Back to Government Content for the Web

In B2B and B2C marketing circles, content marketing is a very sexy, very now topic of discussion. In fact, entire conferences are cropping up to celebrate, educate and share techniques to make the most of strategic content marketing. But is government keeping up with the latest best practices of appealing, informative, interesting and sharable content?Read… Read more »