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GovBytes: Legislation to Regulate Autonomous Vehicles Introduced in California

Driverless cars are quickly becoming more of a reality, with some car makers already employing technology such a assisted parallel parking into their vehicles. It is becoming so much of a reality that California State Senator Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) introduced legislation Thursday (3/1/2012) that would regulate autonomous vehicles in the state. About why the billRead… Read more »

There’s no such thing as a FREE Lunch….or is there?

Well….the old adage, “There is no such thing as a Free lunch” is still true, but you can download Free (or low cost) Food Related Publications from is a great resource to find official publications on Cars, Consumer Protection and even, ‘Going Green’. Pubs on Computers are especially helpful too, check this siteRead… Read more »

Roadify: Better parking, driving, and commuting in NYC using open data, human kindness, and cell phones

I met these folks last week at a mobile app presentation in New York City: They build off public transit info, plus user-generated information. It is primarily a Brooklyn movement, but, still: Pretty cool. I think the powerful thing about this is this is what the next “open data” step looks like–using open sourceRead… Read more »