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GovLoop Industry Perspective: Honolulu 311 Case Study

The following post is an excerpt from the GovLoop Industry Perspective Case Study featuring the Honolulu 311 mobile app. This is part of the GovLoop Industry Perspective Series. You can view the entire case study below or view here. The Honolulu 311 Mobile App is powered by CitySourced. In early 2012, the City of HonoluluRead… Read more »

City of Honolulu Launches “Honolulu 311” Developed by CitySourced

CitySourced Inc., has launched ‘Honolulu 311.’ This is a smartphone reporting system which allows citizens to use smartphones to report abandoned vehicles, broken street lights, illegal dumping and a variety of other issues. “The Honolulu 311 system will help Honolulu become a lean, clean, smart city through the use of technology,” Honolulu Mayor Peter CarlisleRead… Read more »

A chat with Alex Howard from O’Reilly Media on mobile Gov 2.0

When it comes to reporting on new developments in the Gov 2.0 world, there are few more influential than Alex Howard. Based in Washington D.C., Alex writes for O’Reilly Media on everything from social media to new technology developments. He’s known to many by his Twitter pseudonym, @digiphile. I sat down with him while inRead… Read more »

Components of an Ideal Local Government Social Media Seminar

Over the MLK holiday weekend, I did some organized thinking on what a good local government social media seminar would entail. I advise few rules in use of social media, but internal processes, guidelines and training are important for improving coordination and value of official efforts. Additionally, there are simple risk management practices that canRead… Read more »

Can We Have a Mobile City Hall?

I’m a huge fan of the potential of government moving into the mobile realm. I firmly believe that mobile is the future and it is a platform that government should be working on. One interesting potential connecting mobile and government is the idea of using mobile apps to report city blights (potholes, graffiti, etc). ThisRead… Read more »