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How can UK Local Government achieve Digital by Default?

Two of the biggest challenges facing government IT policy is how best to tap into the potential of open data and how to make digital by default a core goal. mySocity’s director Tom Steinberg hosted a session at LGA Conference 2012 outlining how local government should respond to these two issues and enable the sectorRead… Read more »

Android and Privacy Rights in a Digital World

The Internet and mobile technology have empowered people to share, express and engage opinions online, creating one of the most powerful environments to enhance democratic ideals. However, this same technology can and has been used by many regimes around the world to spy on, censor and suppress their people. The battle between these two competingRead… Read more »

The day I went to Google New York

In almost every area they compete Google dominates…mail, maps, search and mobile. With over 500,000 Android devices being activated everyday there is little doubt that Google’s mobile operating system will continue to be a giant contender in the field. So while in New York I popped into their offices to talk with Eric Obenzinger whoRead… Read more »

A chat with Alex Howard from O’Reilly Media on mobile Gov 2.0

When it comes to reporting on new developments in the Gov 2.0 world, there are few more influential than Alex Howard. Based in Washington D.C., Alex writes for O’Reilly Media on everything from social media to new technology developments. He’s known to many by his Twitter pseudonym, @digiphile. I sat down with him while inRead… Read more »

Why the Third Sector is not of Third Importance – The Growing Significance of the UK Voluntary Sector

On the 10th June I went with two of my colleagues to a meeting of the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO). They are an umbrella organisation that tries to make their contributors work more coherently. In a manner of speaking the SCVO is the ‘Improvement Service’ of the voluntary sector so hearing presentations fromRead… Read more »

Behind every great Community there are great Facilitators – The importance of The Facilitators Community for Scottish Local Government

The Communities of Practice (CoP) has over 1,300 UK communities and upward of 57,000 UK members, it is the largest collaborative platform for local government and so can be a daunting place for newcomers. If you begin your CoP journey as a community facilitator, however, this feeling of uncertainty is amplified as you have theRead… Read more »