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Porn Star Intern: What Happens To One’s Career After A Government Internship?

I read earlier today about Hilary Clinton’s former intern. Back in 2006 she (Ms. Sammie Spades) was a summer intern while attending community college. Plans were to become an attorney, and later go into public office. As it turns out, I guess you could say she did become a public servant, but of a muchRead… Read more »

Is Social Media your town square, classroom, coffee house or Nightclub?

On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave her second speech on internet freedom and social media, two subjects for which she is a strong advocate. She said the internet has become the world’s “town square, classroom, marketplace, coffee house and nightclub”. Today, I attended Facebook’s DC Live Event: Social Media and the WorldRead… Read more »

Former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Former President Bill Clinton on the Importance of Reducing the Federal Budget Deficit

Check out this C-SPAN3 Video featuring former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and Former President Bill Clinton (right here). On April 28, 2010, they discussed reducing the federal deficit at the 2010 Fiscal Summit held at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. There is no bigger problem today… and it will take political courage to handle thisRead… Read more »

CFC Announces Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton as 2009 Honorary Chair

We are pleased to announce that Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton is the 2009 honorary chair of the national Combined Federal Campaign. “In my prior work as First Lady and as Senator, and now as Secretary of State, I have seen communities on every continent bound by poverty, crippled by hunger, and plagued byRead… Read more »

Morning White House Intel Briefings; “Not What I Signed Up For”

The job of being the chief executive of the intelligence bureaucracy, which also includes the daily White House intelligence briefings, is a dual-hatted role that can challenge even the most hard-working and ambitious DNI. This, according to a recent article in GovtTech (taken from the National Journal), which stated that the first two directors ofRead… Read more »