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DC Budget Transparency – The saga continues

DC Gov’s budget transparency efforts continue. The DC Office of the Chief Financial Officer today released a slightly improved version of the dashboard, showing spending and budgets at all levels of government, down to the sub-agency level, allowing users to slice and dice budget data and see where their money is going. One ofRead… Read more »

DC Budget transparency – App of the week?

This week DC Office of the Chief Financial Officer released an interactive dashboard ( that provides an intuitive interface for taxpayers to analyze budgets, expenditures and spending plans. Advanced filtering capabilities allow zeroing in on key financial data in a few clicks, such as overtime pay for firefighters, federal subsidies for Medicare/Medicaid programs, Contractual costsRead… Read more »

Want to see a .gov “Facebook for Government”?

Apps for Air, Apps for Space, Apps for Life, Apps for Earth, Apps for Humanity: Guide for Creating your own Apps for XXX: Want to be able to easily add gadgets and apps to your own Agency’s OpenGov Dashboard? Favorite OpenNASA/OpenGov at Gov 2.0 LA. Deadline Jan 30, midnight EST: Do you haveRead… Read more »

Federal IT Dashboard: Putting the “R” in ROI

Kudos to OMB and Federal agencies for completing the ratings of 100% of their major IT investments, which by the way was no small undertaking . So we now have a complete and well presented view via the Federal IT Dashboard ( of how well our “major” Federal IT investments are adhering to cost, scheduleRead… Read more »

Dispatches from the Personal Democracy Forum

As part of a Google fellowship that I received on behalf of Public Performance Systems, I spent the last two days at the Personal Democracy Forum up in New York. I’ll finish up our discussion on a Performance Management Framework in the next few days but I wanted to first report on a number ofRead… Read more »