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The 5 Most Unforgettable Blogs by Government Agencies

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about the “death of blogging” or about its already-in-progress resurrection. Yet a stroll around the blogosphere reveals a lively culture of content creation and sharing that seems untouched by any death throes. Blogging started as—and often, at its best, continues to be—an online personal journal perfect for oversharing. So, one might not think thatRead… Read more »

What Hurricane Sandy Can Teach Us About Emergency Management

Post Highlights GovDelivery report: Breaking Down Barriers to Effective Emergency Notifications Hurricane Sandy is a reminder of the complexity of disasters Report provides best practices and strategies for emergency management notifications When Hurricane Sandy landed on the east coast, much of the disaster response activities had already been put into play. FEMA had coordinated withRead… Read more »

Farm Service Agency Improves Digital Communications Strategy

Moving from paper based communications to digital is never an easy process. With increasing use of the web and the changing norms of how people consume information, a sound digital communications strategy is key to reach stakeholders. Recently, the USDA’s Farm Service Agency has made the switch to provide farmers with more information digitally. ARead… Read more »