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How Automated Traffic Management Insights Can Help DoTs Better Respond to Natural Disasters

State and local governments are faced with a pressing need to repair infrastructure damage, particularly transportation infrastructure, following a natural disaster. But localities often lack visibility into what’s happening on the ground, and that delays restoration efforts. Automation can be a huge help.

The role of experience management in disaster response and recovery

Natural disasters in 2021 alone cost $270B worldwide — and this amount is forecasted to keep rising. Governments at all levels have been required to include disaster response and recovery initiatives into their operating models in unprecedented ways. 

Competitive Resilience at the FTA

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is turning storms into ingenuity and inspiration through its grant programs. This spark of ingenuity came from a place of hardship for Americans. We all remember the devastation that followed Superstorm Sandy. The 2012 hurricane triggered one of the worst public transportation disasters in US history, flooding and damaging railRead… Read more »

The Next Big Thing in Disaster Response?

On May 25, CiviGuard will launch what it’s calls the next big thing in disaster response. In less than a week CiviGuard will launch the first city government partnership with Manor, Texas – just east of Austin – enabling the city’s first responders to tap the pervasiveness of smartphones to more effectively send out crucial,Read… Read more »