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How Observability and Automation Help DOTs Defend Against Hackers – and Deliver Better Citizen Experiences

Lives are at risk when traffic management systems fall prey to cyberattacks. But with automation tools and network observability, state and local departments of transportation can implement effective cyber protections.

How Agencies Can Reduce the Digital Transformation Burden on IT Teams

Digital transformation has made IT administration more complicated. But state and local IT leaders can overcome the burdensome complexity by evaluating on-the-ground impacts and monitoring both individual aspects of the transformation and what’s happening enterprisewide.

How Automated Traffic Management Insights Can Help DoTs Better Respond to Natural Disasters

State and local governments are faced with a pressing need to repair infrastructure damage, particularly transportation infrastructure, following a natural disaster. But localities often lack visibility into what’s happening on the ground, and that delays restoration efforts. Automation can be a huge help.