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Government Books: Gifts You Can Open Again and Again

In this busy holiday season many are looking to simplify their lives and give more meaningful gifts. With many of us pitching in to buy retirement gifts for our fellow govies who are taking early out offers and the continued salary freeze for government salaries, our gift-giving budgets are tight. So if you are lookingRead… Read more »

Most Favored Customer- How It Establishes Your Contract Pricing

A Most Favored Customer also known as MFC is a category of customers that you offer your best discount pricing. When submitting a proposal for GSA Schedule the agency request that you outline what you offer your MFC. Based on the priced category offered to the MFC the Government wants to be offered similar orRead… Read more »

Get Your Discount! HP’s EPP Program for GovLoopers

Hi Fellow GovLoopers! I wanted to make you all aware of a special deal that we’re offering GovLoop members from HP – for a limited time, GovLoop members are now eligible for the HP EPP program (Employee Purchase Program) that will give you great discounts on all sorts of HP products through our online store.Read… Read more »

Get government transparency video solutions for less! Special discounts on Granicus products.

We realize that government agencies are running on tight budgets these days. To help mitigate this, Granicus is offering a limited-time offer that will give you access to the most popular and most reliable array of government transparency, efficiency, and citizen collaboration solutions being used by over 850 government agencies—for less! Already, we offer theRead… Read more »