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Innovation Leaders: What Makes Manor Tick?

With a population of less than 5,000 and a median household income of around $50,000, Manor, Texas, is an unlikely place to find the cutting edge of government e-participation technologies. But thanks to a young and enterprising Assistant City Manager (Dustin Haisler, now of Spigit), Manor has attracted significant investment from a variety of firmsRead… Read more »

Now playing: “This Week in Participation” (TWiP)

We’re in the process of launching “This Week in Participation” (TWiP), a new podcast slash interview series slash internet radio show on, you guessed it, participation. The first couple of episodes went live earlier this week: TWiP 1: Urgent Evoke (11 minutes) TWiP 2: Crowdstorming (14 minutes) The format is pretty casual. WeRead… Read more »

Feedback Survey for Participants in the Open Government Dialogue

A number of organizations in the field of public engagement (NCDD, IAP2, Everyday Democracy, AmericaSpeaks and others) are collaborating on evaluating the Open Government Dialogue and provide recommendations to the Obama administration. They put together this survey: It’s open to all participants and will be live through August 14. I’ve shared some additional thoughtsRead… Read more »