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Social media for diplomats – practical guide 2.0

About a year ago I wrote a post explaining basic guidelines on using social media by diplomats (here: year later, I would like to update some things and add others. After all, there is nothing like experience…I will comment about three major tools: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Here are the topics discussed: So whyRead… Read more »

Why the Foreign Office is dabbling with Facebook Connect

As the post-election smoke clears, we’re launching a small experiment on the Foreign Office Global Conversations blogs. On a number of blogs (for now, mostly the US ones, such as this one), we’re adding the comment functionality of Facebook Connect. So for now, we have different mechanics on different blogs, but this is by wayRead… Read more »

Building a Wiki Community: Partnerships Anyone?

When first launched in January 2009, we had very little partnership help. In the year since our launch, that has changed with brands like Foreign Policy teaming up with us during our Who Runs the War Project, which created thousands of extra page views. Main Justice, Medill Journalism School and Govloop are other partnersRead… Read more »