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Disqusing foreign policy

We’ve been playing around with commenting functionality on the Foreign Office blogs for much of the summer – trying out our old system (which, oddly, asked you to perform basic maths before commenting), with Facebook Connect and with another proprietary system. In the end, we’ve plumped for none of them – and all of them.Read… Read more »

A call to arms to developers: How far can you take our travel advice?

Providing accurate and timely travel advice is one of the key functions of the Foreign Office, and one of the key drivers of our web presence. Our Travel and living abroad section provides background notes for travellers on every country in the world, including timely alerts of the implications of all sorts of issues whichRead… Read more »

Measuring the success of the UK’s overseas network

Every year, the digital team at the UK’s Foreign Office reviews how well the post sites are doing, or not, as part of an annual health-check of our capabilities, which ties up with the not-taken-up-often-enough opportunity to talk to the editors of the FCO’s 256 sites .The post sites are critical to the digital deliveryRead… Read more »

To gain an edge & boost market share for you & your company, speak in foreign tongues!

I am in the midst of being assessed for an international business opportunity, during which I’ve been asked to submit to rigorous but objective assessments of my foreign language skills. It’s not often that professionals get to gauge perception vs. reality regarding claims of proficiency or fluency in any skill set, so I welcomed thisRead… Read more »