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The Importance of Design in Email

By Koi Hernandez, Design Fellow at GovDelivery Design as a whole is a very broad subject—from street signs to buildings to T.V. ads—design touches nearly every element of our lives. But that doesn’t mean it’s always done well. As a government communicator, design can make or break the comprehension of your message—the components that makeRead… Read more »

A Data Sharing Disclosure Standard?

[Summary: Iterations on a proposal for a public register of government data sharing arrangements, setting out options for a Data Sharing Disclosure Standard to be used whenever government shares personal data. Draft for interactive comments here (and PDF for those in govt without access to Google Docs )] At the instigation of the UK CabinetRead… Read more »

Indonesia’s ‘People’s Cabinet’ is One of the Most Innovative Uses of Gov 2.0 in the Asia-Pacific region

In Australia roughly 90% of us use the internet, whereas in Indonesia only around 42% of the population do – which still means that roughly 75 million Indonesians are online, or roughly four times the number of Australians that use the internet. In fact Indonesia was ranked in 2013 as the fourth largest nation ofRead… Read more »

Driving Mission Impact With a More Engaged Stakeholder Base – an ONS Case Study

As a government agency, serving your stakeholders is at the core of your mission. You have information that your citizens need, and it’s your job as a communicator to get it to them. But getting the right information to the right people at the right time isn’t as simple as sending a letter anymore. WhileRead… Read more »

What Happened at Innovation GovCamp 2014 (Canberra)

Last Saturday Australia’s first national GovCamp was held as part of the Innovation Month program. Innovation GovCamp 2014 involved events in six locations across Australia. Over 500 people registered to attend. I attended (and helped organise) the event in Canberra, at the Inspire Centre at the University of Canberra. It was a good day –Read… Read more »

You’re Probably Not the Audience

I’ve been reflecting on the number of comments and decisions I’ve witnessed lately where people have decided that a particular online approach, website design, engagement channel, interface design, fact sheet or other design or content is no good as it didn’t appeal personally to them. There’s definitely a tendency in our society for individuals toRead… Read more »

Best Practices for Improving Your Federal Agency’s Stakeholder Engagement

In 2009, the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) had to face an unsettling fact: when it came to generating stakeholder engagement, the old way of doing things just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. After conducting research, DOI realized that despite being a federal agency with a huge stakeholder base and a wealth of importantRead… Read more »

Google Glass as a Certain Reality

This morning I attended the Innovation Month event “Google Glass as a certain reality”, hosted by the Department of Education. It was a great event, and extremely well attended (well over 100 people in the audience), featuring very engaging talks from Alexander Hayes, Matthew Purcell and seven of his students from Canberra Grammer School. TheRead… Read more »

How Having a Dinosaur in Your Corner Can Help With Innovation

It’s quite common for those of us on the pointy end of Government 2.0, innovation, agile and open source/open data and similar ‘progressive’ thinking to refer to people who seem reluctant and risk-averse as ‘dinosaurs’. The terminology crosses the government/corporate divide – indeed I’m hearing it now more often in reference to senior management inRead… Read more »

The Importance for Government of Respecting Open Source and Open Data Copyrights

An interesting situation has arisen in Italy, with the country’s Agenzia delle Entrate, the Italian revenue service and taxation authority, accused of copying OpenStreetMap without respecting the site’s copyright license. As documented on the Open Street Maps discussion list, Italy’s OpenStreetMap community discovered a little over three months ago that the maps used by theRead… Read more »