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“Sweet GovTweets” – Tuesday 24th March 2009 edition

Apologies in advance for errors: @GetFISARight: net +55 votes for our #askpres question at … please vote for civil liberties! #bipart #gov20 @adrielhampton: This was absolutely the highlight of my day – visualizing #gov20: @ p2pt0: why talk about skittles when there are some great #askpres questions at #p2 #rebelleft #gov20 #topprogRead… Read more »

Social Media for Gov’t conference: vibe in the room last year vs. this year

Chatting with fellow ALI conference attendees Andy Krzmarzick, Ari Herzog, Maxine Teller and John Stauffer after today’s sessions, I made an observation about this same event one year ago vs. today, plus a hypothesis about why this difference might be. Observation: last year’s conference had an excited – almost giddy – optimistic energy about socialRead… Read more »

“Sweet GovTweets” Monday 23rd March 2009 edition

Apologies for errors in advance. @govloop: Read up on all GovLoop Members of the Week: #gov20 #govloop #opengov @adrielhampton: two progressive pols embracing the tech community – follow @sallylieber and @dbowen #govloop #gov20 #p2 @adrielhampton: “Crashing the Gate, from Inside” – #gov20 #govloop #CA10 #opengov #p2 @adrielhampton: “I’m Running for Congress …”… Read more »

Social Media for Gov’t conference: tweets from pre-conf. workshop

The ALI Social Media for Gov’t conference kicked off today with a couple of pre-conf. workshops. Thanks to Maxine Teller and Ken Fischer for a great morning! I’ll try to post the #ali tweetstream here over the next three days. Here’s what we tweeted this morning: #gov20 #ali @mixtmedia: conventional metrics don’t apply; start withRead… Read more »

“Sweet GovTweets” Sunday 22nd March 2009 Edition

Apologies in advance for errors. @govloop: 4 Steps 2 Build Transparency in New World Gov- @kpkfusion #govloop #gov20 #opengov @govloop: Listen live Gov 2.0 Blogtalkradio w/ OReilly @adrielhampton @planetrussell in 10 minutes #opengov #gov20 #govloop @adrielhampton “Making gov cool, finally”? (@municibid) #gov20 #opengov @adrielhampton: Talking live to @timoreilly: #gov20 #opengov @Lyne_Robichaud:Read… Read more »

“Sweet GovTweets” – Saturday 21st March 2009 Edition

Apologies for errors. Attempts to dedupe information, especially where those wily posters who use the same link but different descriptions. @meghan1018: Are you planning to call in to tomorrow’s #gov20 show w/guest @timoreilly? Please DM me the # your be calling from! @adrielhampton: The revolution will be mashed up: #gov20 #govloop #opengov #CA10Read… Read more »

“Sweet GovTweets” – Friday 20th March 2009

(Republishing it since it disappears for some and not others.) Apologies for errors in advance: @you2gov: @wefollow #OpenGov #Gov20 #Politics @justgrimes: Good questions about archives, records management, digital preservation. Historical transparency is important #opengov @justgrimes: Archives & transparency; exactly what I’m writing about right now the importance and imperative of government web2.0 record keepingRead… Read more »

The Social Media Subcouncil Asks: What’s in a Name?

When it comes to social media, how you position your brand goes a long way for conveying authenticity and trust. Social media naming conventions are equally important for government agencies as they are for celebrities, commercial entities, and other branded organizations. Prior to commencing activity in the social space, it’s important for government communicators toRead… Read more »

The State Perspective of the Social Media Subcouncil

As you may have read on the Social Media Subcouncil’s first blog post and from Jeffrey Levy’s latest post, the Social Media Subcouncil is up and running in public! As a member of the Subcouncil, I’m so excited to start getting some of our draft concepts out to the larger community of government communicators andRead… Read more »