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The Venn Diagram of Social Media: 3 Elements to Keep in Mind

Are you thinking about incorporating social media into your communications strategy? Already have it and are wondering if you’re getting enough return on that investment? Social media is a great way to reach a wide range of people or a niche audience. However, it also requires a strategic approach. It’s not enough to simply be… Read more »

You’re Probably Not the Audience

I’ve been reflecting on the number of comments and decisions I’ve witnessed lately where people have decided that a particular online approach, website design, engagement channel, interface design, fact sheet or other design or content is no good as it didn’t appeal personally to them. There’s definitely a tendency in our society for individuals toRead… Read more »

Media Relations: Don’t Comment with “No Comment”

The term “no comment” is conventionally viewed among government communicators and media relations professionals as leaving a negative perception with the interviewer and the audience. This is because “no comment” often implies there’s something sinister going on – whether that’s true or not. Why “No Comment”? “It seems obvious after the fact, but ‘no comment’Read… Read more »

Are engaged and loyal audiences realistic goals for social media?

Http://LeonardSipes.Com Well that sounds like a silly question. But it goes to the heart of what social media really is. It’s causing many to drop out of social media efforts. I read articles from the best and brightest in social media and I’m constantly being told that I need a loyal audience of engaged fansRead… Read more »

Your Fear of Social Media—Your Older Target Audience is Within Reach

Http://LeonardSipes.Com Part four on the fear some people in government, associations and nonprofits express when whey contemplate social media. Entering social media now is like having an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of Google or Apple. If you knew it was going to become a worthwhile investment, you would have bought. SocialRead… Read more »

The importance of conference rapport

I have, to date, spoken at some two dozen seminars, conferences, panels or other public events where the audience is not my coworkers. Not bragging, just saying that I’ve been to a few. Enough, I hope, to give an observation without having the more seasoned public speakers of the world laugh too hard. I knowRead… Read more »

How Technology Changes & Communications Impact Target Audiences

Strategic communications, education or information outreach when applied effectively means really knowing your taget audience as a critical component to any campaign and its success. Often times, informaiton is put out, but at times there is a major “disconnect” between the outreach and the end user. I thought of this video of an elderly womenRead… Read more »