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5 Attributes of a Great Mentor – Do You Fit the Bill?

Mentorship. The word is gaining a lot of traction in the public sector and is clearly a buzzword in 2017. But despite all the buzz, a lot of confusion surrounds what a mentor actually does. So what makes a great mentor? What attributes come together in a person so they can become a true advisor… Read more »


A GovLoop Mentee Reflects on Mentorship

Marissa Marquez, Assistant City Attorney at City of Houston’s Office of Inspector General, was a participant in this year’s GovLoop Mentorship Program cohort. As we finished up the 2015 program, Marquez recounted how her mentor, John Sim, an Assistant Director in the Justice Management Division at the U.S. Department of Justice, helped her rethink her… Read more »

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Mentor, Coach, or Champion?

If you’re a professional woman working in government, I will bet big money that you have been told at least once that you should find yourself a mentor. It’s inevitably the go-to advice that I hear passed around when someone is facing career challenges or indecision. Honestly, it’s not bad advice. Here at GovLoop, we… Read more »