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Your Top 10 Tips for Implementing and Using the Cloud: Training Recap

These days, it seems as if everyone is talking about the cloud. Private and public sector organizations are moving their data to the cloud, seeking to gain cost savings and improve efficiency. The buzzword has taken the digital world by storm and transformed how organizations manage their data. Even though cloud is a hot topic,Read… Read more »

Stimulus Is No Place For Pork!

* $2.5 million for sliced ham in California * $800,000 for a new, clean-air garbage truck in Phoenix * $1.4 million to repair the door of a building in San Antonio * $350,000 to replace and upgrade a dumbwaiter in Brooklyn These are examples of projects that have been reported on as stimulus projects.Read… Read more »

Research, case studies sought on transparency issues

I earlier posted a list of fundamental questions and dilemmas (which I recently updated) to the GovLoop forum: Update: I put the questions on the GovLoop wiki under the name “Questions concerning government participation.” I’ve been asked to flesh this out with research and case studies. Can members of this network suggest things toRead… Read more »