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Anonymous, Surfaces, and Gaps

The 1980s Marine Corps doctrine of Maneuver Warfare (MW) heavily focused on the concept of “surfaces and gaps.” Marines, which largely defined themselves with frontal tactical and operational attacks against fortified sites in World War II maritime campaigns, would aim to move through existing weaknesses in the enemy’s line in future campaigns rather than creatingRead… Read more »

Hack day produces prototype mobile app for enhanced learning

Thanks to all who attended Developing Solutions Camp on Friday. We had an exciting day of interactive working with about 50 people in the room and 6 teams working on ideas that had been submitted under the first phase of the competition. Congratulations to the winners of the mobile application competition; the team who workedRead… Read more »

Preparing for the Fight

Originally posted on By Prem Iyer, Director of Information Security at Iron Bow Technologies Despite a reported reduction in the number of cyber attacks, major brands and government agencies across the globe have been the targets of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. A notorious hacker group, LulzSec, has recently infiltrated government Web sites belonging toRead… Read more »

Civil Servants Cut through the Red Tape and Share Government Forward

‘Why not?!’ is the motto of Open Government Places. Open Government Places allows civil servants to cut through the red tape, join forces, and share government forward. This project is called Deelstoel in Dutch (‘share chair’) and invites civil servants to ‘hack’ the government and share their workplaces. Government offices are invited to reserve aRead… Read more »