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US Health Care: Why Privatization Is Inefficient – Part 4 of 4

Arguments Against Universality It is often argued that socialized medicine in the US would introduce a wealth of problems, worse than those currently faced. Government is often regarded as wasteful, rigid and out of touch with the real needs of its citizens. In comparison, private management of health care is often portrayed as offering increasedRead… Read more »

US Health Care: Why Privatization Is Inefficient – Part 3 of 4

The Industry of Illness It is a reality of our time that the same companies promoting health care products are also largely responsible for underwriting their research. Skepticism about this model of business has led to pharmacoeconomic studies of the popular antidepressants, which demonstrate a clear association between study sponsorship and quantitative outcome (Baker etRead… Read more »

US Health Care: Why Privatization Is Inefficient – Part 2 of 4

Spending More, Getting Less — The Public System Because of their identity as government programs, societal scepticism about the US government’s ability to manage efficiently, and the relative reduction of power and status allotted to the primary recipients of public health care (the poor and elderly), Medicare and Medicaid are often the target of spendingRead… Read more »

US Health Care: Why Privatization Is Inefficient – Part 1 of 4

As I write this, the Obama Administration is still pushing for a major overhaul to the American health care system — a plan with with an uncertain future since the Democrats lost their Senate vote last month. As a Canadian who lived and worked in the United States for a number of years, I considerRead… Read more »

Media Myth: GOP Has No Health Care Ideas

Many GOP amendments have aligned quite well with the President’s rhetoric regarding health care reform legislation. But Republicans, especially in the House, have been shunned by committee chairs and Democratic leaders who simply refuse to accept GOP amendments to health care bills, even when those amendments align with the President’s stated goals for health careRead… Read more »