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Finding Your Right Cloud Solution

This post is an excerpt from our recent report, “Finding Your Right Cloud Solution: Public & Private Clouds.” To download the full report, click here. The report is part of a three-part series, where GovLoop will highlight the power of the Oracle cloud and explore how Oracle is helping government agencies transform the way they deliver services.Read… Read more »

Protecting Your Data in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

This blog post is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent guide, Forecasting the Cloud: Eight Ways the Technology is Changing Government. To download the full guide, head here. Today’s IT organizations are all under incredible pressure to respond to a variety of different business and citizen needs – and as a result there’s hope that movingRead… Read more »

Bye, Data Centers

Exit first, get in second. Either I’m talking about some parallel universe or the steps to consider when entering the cloud that were discussed in yesterday’s online training, Tips for Managing Your Hybrid Cloud Environment. Expert panelists Chuck Aaron, PMP, Deputy CIO for IT Services and Operations at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and AdamRead… Read more »

Developing a Cloud Computing Strategy for 2011

According to Analysts at Gartner, Inc. developing a cloud computing strategy is the 2011 priority for many IT executives. If cloud computing is not on your radar this year consider this. There are a number of ways that cloud computing creates business value. It provides access to new markets and promotes business model innovations, asRead… Read more »