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Ready, Set, Go… Cross the Acquisition Package Finish Line by Fiscal Year End

This is sprinting season for any acquisition professional working on completing acquisition packages, negotiating offers and awarding the proposals. Contracting Officers (COs) should be proactive in doing all that needs to be done to ensure the requirements are awarded in a timely fashion. While each agency has its own internal policies and regulations, there areRead… Read more »

FAC-COR Level I II & III Traininig via online Distance Learning

COR DISTANCE LEARNING: OUR FAC-COR COURSES COR DISTANCE LEARNING CLASSES ARE ACCEPTED BY FAITAS Call: (202) 280-7272 Email: [email protected] ABOUT THE TAI COR DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAM. Federal employees working in remote areas of our nation require COR training credits, and some employees can’t always find courses easily available to them. Many employees just don’t likeRead… Read more »

LAST CHANCE: Help make energy companies work better for government

You want to help your organization save energy, time and money. But companies from which you buy power and energy efficiency services don’t always understand your pain points or what’s important to you. If you’re ready to affect this dynamic, our company invites you to contribute to our research report. It’s easy and doesn’t takeRead… Read more »