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Humanizing the Way Government Tackles Insider Threats

Insider threats are some of the most pernicious risks to government and can do grave damage to national security. Using tools that better spot suspicious human behavior can help. Learn what cognitive computing is, how it works and how you can leverage entity-centric analytics to be more proactive in preventing insider threats.

Personnel Security, Insider Threats and Continuous Evaluation

 I want to kick off this series by looking back at the Into Dangerous Hands story, which aired during the CBS news program “60 Minutes”. In this segment, Scott Pelley reported on now-identified lapses in the process that grants U.S. Government security clearances, particularly profiling the cases of three people – Edward Snowden, Bradley ManningRead… Read more »

Insider Threats: The Stranger Next Door

Cybersecurity dialogues often talk about threats and breaches stemming from hackers, terrorists, and cyber-criminals. However, there are significant threats that come from individuals who are closer than you think – maybe even the person you sit next to at the office. SolarWinds, an IT management software company, recently researched insider threats to the federal government.Read… Read more »

Watch Your Back: How to Prevent Insider Threats

Edward Snowden. Robert Hanssen. Bradley Manning. Aldrich Ames. At one point, these people were all part of workforces that organizations depended on. But an organization’s backbone can soon become its biggest vulnerability. With insider threat costs ranging from $5,000 to $3 million per incident, how can your agency address the potentially devastating impact of anRead… Read more »

The Surprising Missing Link in Your Organization’s IT Security Strategy

Pop quiz: what’s the biggest cybersecurity threat to your IT system? A. Inadequate security technology B. Malicious employees C. You It might surprise you to learn the answer is often C. In light of the seemingly never-ending string of data breaches and cyber attacks in the news – from Target, to Home Depot, to celebrityRead… Read more »