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Pilgrimage: Five Questions with Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, 2009, © Annie Leibovitz. From Pilgrimage (Random House, 2011) Pilgrimage is a personal journey by photographer Annie Leibovitz, celebrated over the decades for her astute portraits of the cultural landscape. In Pilgrimage, the landscape is real: out of the photographer’s studio and into icons of America, from the homesRead… Read more »

Political law links for Wednesday

“WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. LOVE, THE IRS.” WSJ editorial. “A tax probe of donations given by a specific class of political donors is a boldfaced attempt to punish and discourage political speech.” NEW SUPER PAC NEWS. LA Times. “Indiana attorney James Bopp Jr., one of the lawyers who brought the watershed Citizens United caseRead… Read more »

The Fed Coach: What fed workers can learn from Lincoln: An interview with Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer

Harold Holzer, an expert on Abraham Lincoln and the political culture of the Civil War era, is the senior vice president for external affairs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He has authored, co-authored and edited 36 books and published hundreds of articles. Holzer also serves as chairman of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation. WhatRead… Read more »

If the first 42 Presidents had tweeted…

If the first 42 Presidents had tweeted… was originally posted to the ChatterBachs blog. With it being Presidents’ Day weekend, I found myself thinking about famous Presidential quotes. In reviewing many of these quotes, I was struck by their brevity and power. Sometimes insightful, at other times irreverent or self-deprecating, we call them quotes. ForRead… Read more »

The quest for citizenship in America

From Bunker Hill to Basra: Quest For Black Citizenship In The Americas Thank you for that kind introduction. I’m honored beyond words that you have invited me here today to help commemorate Black History Month. I’m also honored that a kid from a small farm in East Texas has been given the opportunity to doRead… Read more »