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8 Emotional Intelligence Tips for Building an Inclusive Workplace

Colleen Stanley teaches emotional intelligence to sales professionals and has one of the best plain English definitions of emotional intelligence. What are you feeling, why are you feeling this emotion and how does it impact how you show up? Since interacting with others who are different from us is an emotional experience, emotional intelligence hasRead… Read more »

Stop What You’re Doing — Engage Your Employees!

Agency leaders and managers — stop what you’re doing – focus and engage! You’re looking at a whirlwind of challenges and problems that seemingly feed on each other as you drown in an ocean of HR calamities: It takes too long to hire someone You can’t attract the talent you need New employees are boggedRead… Read more »

Just Who IS Your Tribe?

There are some colleagues you just love to spend time with – and others that can take you from “okay” to “I’m-going-to-stab-MYSELF-with-a-pencil-to-make-you-go-away” after five minutes! What’s the difference? The first person is your tribe – the type of person you enjoy spending time with, who feeds who you are as a person, who has valuesRead… Read more »

Dealing With Conflicts at the Workplace

Conflict is an inherent part of any workplace. A sharp disagreement or opposition of interests and ideas are part of businesses. However, when it occurs, the morale of the employees will be lowered. Absenteeism will be much higher and the production will decrease. Managing and resolving the workplace conflicts is one of the biggest challengeRead… Read more »

Taking the Gloves Off: Leaders and HR

Human resources can be complex, confusing and exasperating. Communications between leaders and their human resources department don’t have to be. Unfortunately, they are. It’s time to step out of the ring and start working together. When human resources professionals live and breathe human resources everyday, they forget what it’s like outside the bubble. It’s easyRead… Read more »