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Building Your Own Creative Space at Work

While there are many aspects of my detail to The Innovation Lab at the Office of Personnel Management that I enjoy, one of my favorites is access to the Lab’s space in the sub-basement of OPM’s Theodore Roosevelt Federal Building. The space is a dream for those seeking a creative and collaborative work environment. ForRead… Read more »

What You Need to Know About ‘Ceiling Diplomacy’

Navigating office politics is hard enough. But finding words to express the frustrations you feel about office politic can be even more challenging. The below terms, definitions and usage will help you communicate these frustrations more effectively. Ceiling diplomacy (noun) – Undertaking the act of pretending you are unaware of something that you are veryRead… Read more »

Employee Perceptions: Heroes, Villains and Martyrs

In today’s inter-generational work environment, some people in the diverse workforce approach their daily routine differently. For example, some of staffers may show great initiative while others simply wait for assignments to come to them. Still others avoid taking risks maybe out of concern that their ideas may not yield the desired results. Often employees areRead… Read more »

16 Tips for Navigating Office Politics

Office politics is an inevitable part of work life. And unfortunately, avoiding it altogether, or pretending to be above it, is nearly impossible and likely won’t help you move through the ranks. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be negative, as long as you know how to navigate the system. Ultimately, office politics is allRead… Read more »

Design Doing: Creating a Digital Practice

By Stacy Surla The environment we work in matters.  It gives us agency – the ability to affect things with our actions. As user experience professionals, it’s important for us to think about transforming the business – our environment – so Design Doing can happen. IA as commodity is stupid Let’s consider Jane, an informationRead… Read more »

9 Valentine’s Cards for the Love of Your Life in Government

#GovLove is spreading this week. Send your co-worker the punny valentine of your dreams. Love and government make strange bedfellows. What if the object of your infatuation happens to work for the government? These Valentine’s Day cards can help you win their love. There’s a lot of variety in these Valentine’s Day cards — you can find one justRead… Read more »