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Using DATA to Shine the Light on Federal Spending

Understanding how the federal government spends taxpayer dollars is a daunting task. In fiscal year 2013 alone, the federal government spent $3.5 trillion. In May, Congress unanimously passed and the President signed the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA), which increases accountability and transparency of federal spending. The act requires several changes that will shedRead… Read more »

It’s Nice to See Government Agencies Share With Each Other

One of the most frustrating and, I think, silliest things I found when working in Australian government agencies was how almost every department, agency and statutory body developed almost all of its own policies, procedures, software and tools. There was often ‘undercover’ sharing – where people in agencies would ask their colleagues in others forRead… Read more »

Google Glass: The Next Step in Citizen Engagement?

Below is an excerpt from our Citizen Engagement guide — it’s a great interview with David Fletcher, Utah’s CIO, about some of the state’s new initiatives. Want more on citizen engagement? Then make sure to sign up for Carahsoft’s Fourth Annual Citizen Engagement Seminar on June 19th! At the event, your government peers will shareRead… Read more »

Before We Turn to Big Data, Have We Made the Most of Small Data?

It seems like everywhere we look, we see big data calling our name. The profession of “data scientist” has been deemed the next hot job. Big data promises to solve all kinds of problems, from business logistics to tracking and treating diseases. These promises seem to have cropped up almost overnight. Think back to fiveRead… Read more »

7 Pieces of Citizen Engagement Advice from the Frontlines

Who better to dole out advice about how to truly engage in citizen engagement and its new trends than those who do it every day? Below are seven tips from our Citizen Engagement guide and GovLoop survey respondents about what’s really important when you create citizen engagement, based on their experiences. Want more of theRead… Read more »

Citizen Engagement Case Study: A GitHub-first Campaign

This blog post is an excerpt from our latest guide, which explores the role of citizen engagement in transforming government. Click here to download the report. We’re all familiar with the traditional ways politicians announce and publicize their campaigns for office: stump speeches, TV ads and op-eds in newspapers. Some of the more innovative onesRead… Read more »

Good Engagement? Bad Engagement? Time to Check Your Cholesterol!

My post on engagement from a few weeks ago, The Myth of Social Media Engagement in the Public Service, generated a healthy debate on the nature and inherent value of engagement in the public sector. Some interpreted my post as saying that I held little or no value in engagement for the public sector. ThisRead… Read more »

The Challenges State Leaders Face in Delivering True Fiscal Transparency

Most states have decided to list their expenses so their citizens can see where tax dollars are being spent. Listing the thousand, or millions, of individual transactions is good in theory, but these endless lists of expenditures fall dramatically short in providing the kind of transparency people yearn for as government continues to expand. GoodRead… Read more »

The Challenges of Current State Transparency Models

“A good set of financials tells the story of your enterprise. Transparency should do the same.” Our citizens (all of us) work hard to generate tax dollars to support government programs to improve the quality of life. If you are like me, you believe Americans have the right know where and how their tax dollarsRead… Read more »