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Is Open Data Worth the Hype?

“Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing.  Information maintained by the Federal Government is a national asset.”                      – President Barack Obama, in Transparency and Open Government memo. Today, there is an increased focus on the value of open data, especially inRead… Read more »

The Digital Service with Steve VanRoekel

Steve VanRoekel spent some three years as the federal Chief Information Office. He has now moved on to serve as chief innovation officer at USAID assisting with the administration’s response to the Ebola outbreak. In one of his last interviews as federal CIO, Steve joined me on The Business of Government Hour to reflect onRead… Read more »

Why is Good Citizen Engagement Important?

This is an excerpt from our brand-new guide, Your Citizen Engagement Checklist: 18 Strategies for Success. Download the guide for free here, and in the comments, share with us: what your strategies for success in engaging your citizens? We let the GovLoop audience do the talking. Below, read six reasons our readers think citizen engagement,Read… Read more »

Government Agencies Need to Think Open First With All Content

Last week the Clean Energy Regulator released a calendar that illustrates when other government agencies use National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting data. Called the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting publication calendar, this is useful data for locating government reports on energy and climate change. It also serves a secondary role in highlighting the importance ofRead… Read more »

How Open Source is Powering Government

I’ve attended DrupalGov today in Canberra. Below is my presentation for people who missed it. There’s also a recording that will become available in due course. How open source is powering government from Craig Thomler eGov AU Craig Thomler’s personal Gov 2.0 and eGovernment thoughts and speculations from an Australian perspective Original post

Indonesia’s ‘People’s Cabinet’ is One of the Most Innovative Uses of Gov 2.0 in the Asia-Pacific region

In Australia roughly 90% of us use the internet, whereas in Indonesia only around 42% of the population do – which still means that roughly 75 million Indonesians are online, or roughly four times the number of Australians that use the internet. In fact Indonesia was ranked in 2013 as the fourth largest nation ofRead… Read more »

The Importance for Government of Respecting Open Source and Open Data Copyrights

An interesting situation has arisen in Italy, with the country’s Agenzia delle Entrate, the Italian revenue service and taxation authority, accused of copying OpenStreetMap without respecting the site’s copyright license. As documented on the Open Street Maps discussion list, Italy’s OpenStreetMap community discovered a little over three months ago that the maps used by theRead… Read more »

Unlocking Budget Data in Australia: the BudgetAus Collaboration

Republished with permission from the International Budget Partnership blog This post was written by Rosie Williams of InfoAus. Unlocking Budget Data in Australia: the BudgetAus Collaboration Budget transparency in Australia has recently taken a big step forward with the first ever release of federal budget data in machine readable format. Prior to this year, budgetRead… Read more »

We, the People …. the Customer … the User?

Let’s put this as neutrally as possible. People interact with public services. Now, here’s a simple question: what should we call those people – and why? Perhaps it’s not such a simple question after all. They – we – are many things. We are patients, customers, passengers, swimmers, clients, taxpayers, claimants and more (as wellRead… Read more »

The Economic Value of Open Data to Australia

This morning I attended the breakfast launch of the Open for Business: How Open Data Can Help Achieve the G20 Growth Target report. The report was written by Nicholas Gruen (former chair of the Gov 2.0 Taskforce) and his team from Lateral Economics, with support from Victoria University and commissioned by the Omidyar Network (theRead… Read more »