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The Do’s and Don’ts of Responding to Social Media Comments

Dealing with the public over social media when you are a public sector organization (PSO) posts a particular set of challenges. Some people inherently dislike and distrust the public sector and will feel the same about your organization. Some may try to use your social media channels to vent on issues that may or mayRead… Read more »

Proreactivity: The Last Social Media Frontier for the Public Sector

It is no big secret that the public sector is slow in adopting new technologies. When Public Sector Organizations (PSO) do adopt new technologies, they don’t always do it properly. This was the case (with a few exceptions) with social media. Most PSOs went in late and then tried to do it in a “businessRead… Read more »

Professional Use of Social Media: Empowerment vs Control (Part 3)

In parts 1 and 2 of this series on professional use of social media in the public service, I talked about the two different approaches you can take and about the social media disclaimer. In part 3, I would like to discuss two different models commonly used for message amplification through employee professional use ofRead… Read more »

Professional Use of Social Media: Do You Need a Disclaimer? (Part 2)

In the first part of this series on professional use of social media in the public service, I talked about the two different approaches you can take. In part 2, I will try to untangle the issue of the social media disclaimer. It is a common sight to see social media accounts, particularly Twitter accounts,Read… Read more »

Professional Use of Social Media: Two Different Approaches (Part 1)

Professional use of social media in the workplace is arguably one of the last taboo in public sector. Public Sector Organizations (PSOs) more than any other have a need, real or perceived, to control the message. Having dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees Tweeting away on behalf of the organization is no one’s ideaRead… Read more »

The Real Measure of Social Media Success: Going Beyond Likes and Retweets

If you have been involved in anything with a social media component this past year, then you have no doubt heard people talking about social media metrics, ROI, ROE, etc. These are basically different measures that people are using to define success, or failure, in the use of social media channels. Not too long ago,Read… Read more »

Good Engagement? Bad Engagement? Time to Check Your Cholesterol!

My post on engagement from a few weeks ago, The Myth of Social Media Engagement in the Public Service, generated a healthy debate on the nature and inherent value of engagement in the public sector. Some interpreted my post as saying that I held little or no value in engagement for the public sector. ThisRead… Read more »

Is Good Content Still Enough to Stand Out on Social Media?

Content is king! This has become the mantra of social media, especially bloggers. As long as you have good content, they will come. Saying otherwise is blasphemy, heresy! And yet, a brave few souls are daring to challenge this. They whisper in dark corners that there is a new king in town. The king isRead… Read more »