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Bill Bratton, America’s “Top Cop,” talks community policing and security in emerging nations at GovSec

I was in the front row yesterday morning as Bill Bratton — forty year veteran and former Police Chief in Boston, New York City, and Los Angeles — spoke at the Government Security (GovSec) Conference and Expo in Washington, DC. Chief Bratton spent some time afterwards with the folks fromUSIS as he signed books andRead… Read more »

New TV Show-Police, Parole and Probation Cooperation to Supervise Criminal Offenders-DC Public Safety

See (television). “Police, Parole and Probation Cooperation” provides an overview of inter agency cooperation between the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) and the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) of Washington, D.C. CSOSA partners with MPD and other law enforcement agencies and adjacent states on a wide variety of public safety initiatives. Both agenciesRead… Read more »

Facebook | How Police Can Use As A Social Media Tool

Facebook is an extremely powerful social media community that has become larger than I am sure many Facebook executives would admit they thought was possible. Facebook had over 2.5 billion visits last month (10/2009), which is quite stunning. There are millions of people visiting Facebook billions of times a month to communicate with each other,Read… Read more »

Multifunctional employees

In the current economic climate, there is increasing pressure upon government to find ways to tighten their belt. A favorite target is public safety, which has been portrayed in the media as having a lot of free time. Since convincing elected officials that much of that so-called free time is often taken up in ongoingRead… Read more »

New Radio Program on President’s Stimulus Package-What It Means to the Criminal Justice System-NCJA—DC Public Safety

( See radio programs) Welcome to DC Public Safety–radio and television programs on crime, criminal offenders and the criminal justice system. See for our television shows, blog and transcripts. We welcome your comments or suggestions at [email protected] or at Twitter at The show features an interview with the National Criminal Justice Association andRead… Read more »

Episode 13: 2 Guys Unleashed

In this episode, we get MAIL!!! Four people wrote in to tell us we suck – but it’s all good. The police in Canada need your help in finding a homicide suspect – see the video. We give shout-outs to 2 lucky CopsOnline members, and talk about how to kill terrorists without firing a shot.Read… Read more »