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Which technique could help you land a job faster—Networking or Connecting?

Last night, I attended a mediation training where we discussed how important it was to connect with the parties—the plaintiff/defendant, parent/teen, victim/offender, or husband/wife, among others. Specifically, as mediators we are taught to connect without showing bias. We discussed the value of building trust to gain traction and bring the parties together—hopefully to an agreement.Read… Read more »

Collecting Citizen Feedback Online – How to Save Time and Ensure Compliance

I’ve seen a lot of discussion and tips being shared on Govloop around the ways governments are handling citizen participation online – over social media, through their website, etc. I wanted to promote a blog post one of our clients, Wendy Clock-Johnson, Citywide Records Manager for the City of Sacramento, recently contributed to Granicus’ ConnectingRead… Read more »