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The 7 Best Online Public Speaking Courses for Government Employees

We’ve found seven of the best online courses that can help government employees like yourself become better at public speaking. Some are free, and the rest are priced right for government agencies of any size.

How to Become a Memorable Public Speaker

To be a great public speaker, you and what you say need to be remembered. People should leave your presentation with three things: one message, one experience, and one visual that they will remember. Besides making you memorable, these three things can serve a triggers that help your audience recall other parts of your presentation.

Why Your Presentations Are Putting People to Sleep

Did your last presentation leave your colleagues rubbing their eyes and chugging coffee? During your time at the front of the room, did your voice sound a lot like when an adult talked in the old Peanuts cartoons? Then your presentations are putting your audience to sleep—and your professional reputation is taking a hit in the process. The ability to communicate verbally,Read… Read more »

5 Public Speaking Tips from the Oscars Speeches

You don’t need the promise of a golden statuette in your hand to polish your presentation skills. While you may never take the stage at the Oscars, the acceptance speeches can serve as examples of what to do and what not to do when it comes to public speaking. This isn’t about debating the politics in some of the speeches, though there was politics aplenty atRead… Read more »