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‘Rock Your Tech Report’ Aims to Give Contracting Officers a Leg to Stand on

Here’s an all-too-common occurrence: The government issues a Request for Proposals (RFP); companies respond with their proposals; the contracting officer (CO) requests a technical analysis of the proposals to help guide the decision… and the technical report that comes back, in plain terms, stinks. Sterling Whitehead, a contracting enthusiast who writes his contracting blog AllRead… Read more »

Can you identify the “Mystery Image” from this government website?

In honor of and in conjunction with Social Media Day, Rock Creek Strategic Marketing is hosting a friendly social competition on the Rock Creek blog. Throughout the day, we’ll be posting zoomed in “Mystery Images” from government websites and social media outlets, highlighting some of the interesting and innovative ways government agencies are using theRead… Read more »

Project of the Week: USAID Student Intern Programs – 4 January 2011

USAID (United States Agency for International Development) Most of us on GovLoop are a) employed and b) educated, but we all have children or know children who can benefit from the USAID’s Intern Program. Applications for “paid” programs preclude a security clearance – check with the USAID to determine if the window of opportunity isRead… Read more »

Librarians light up the listservs

Librarians have been using this “new” media for 15 years. No surprise when they were the last bastion of relevant information during a recent constitutional rights dustup in America. Library listservs are like a Twitter email stream. And they do get going at an incredible pace with statewide and national networks. Information exchange on aRead… Read more »