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Do Members of Congress Have Security Clearances?

Here’s a bit of “inside Washington” trivia to pass around the office today – do members of congress have security clearances? The topic of security clearance for elected officials has long been a complex one. Members of congress – even those in sensitive committee positions – do not receive or obtain security clearances in theRead… Read more »

When the Cold War Was Winding Down, Could the Soviet Defense Establishment Have Maintained Secrecy If Social Media Had Been Available?

By Dennis D. McDonald In Web 2.0 and the Manhattan Project I speculated on the impacts modern communication, collaboration, and information sharing technologies might have had on the atomic bomb’s Manhattan Project during World War II. I thought about these topics again while reading David E. Hoffman’s THE DEAD HAND: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THERead… Read more »

10 Must-Read National Security Blogs

A list of the top-10, must-read national security blogs from contributing writer Mike Jones. Read the full list here, and don’t forget to share your top picks! Blogs are not just for online diarists, they are a medium for professionals to discuss and exchange information about their fields. Nowhere is this truer than inRead… Read more »