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Civic Innovators Toolbox: System of Systems

Here we go again. Another meeting of circular conversations by subject matter experts, managers, and directors about a problem we are having with a project proposal. These meetings contribute more to global warming due to the amount of hot air being expelled than exhaust from rush hour traffic before a long holiday weekend. I’m notRead… Read more »

Insight Maker – Understanding Systems Thinking and Systems through Trial and Learning

This being the third segment of the STIA Certification course and hoping to have started to convince some that system thinking could be helpful in addressing challenges facing our communities the need to be more hands on was realized. As mentioned in the previous post, a system is always of something, whether biological, social, orRead… Read more »

Systems Thinking Certification 2nd Segment Striving for Better Understanding

The second segment on the STIA Systems Thinking Certification course is titled Systems Thinking. The first, Web of Wonder, gave a general introduction to systems, some of their overall characteristics, described properties of what was termed ‘elements’ or what other have referred to as ‘stuff’ making up the systems, and means as to how systemsRead… Read more »

Web of Wonder Getting Deep into ST – Systems Thinking Certification

I am currently participating in the STIA (Systems Thinking in Action) Online Certification Program, guided by Gene Bellinger, most recently cited in, “How Do I Make Use of this Systems Thinking Stuff?” in Creating New Community Paradigms”. The platform for the lessons is Kumu, a web-based data visualization tool. I to write about what IRead… Read more »

Finding a path to sustainability

Cutting public sector jobs may decrease overall expenditures, but it doesn’t amount to the fundamental change we’ve been talking about, nor does it put us on a path to sustainability. At least that is what the recently released Drummond Report argues: If civil servants and public sector workers want pay raises, they should find theRead… Read more »

How to tell if your organisation is ready for change!

The following is speculation and i can not at this stage back any of this up. However i do fundamentally believe in what i am about to post. In the current economic climate there are huge pressures to reduce costs and to increase value and this often leads organisations to either announce “radical” changes orRead… Read more »