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5 Tips for Confronting a Problem Co-Worker

It all started with an empty pot of coffee. But let me start at the beginning... Back in the olden days, when I roamed the earth with the dinosaurs, my personality was a bit different. In the workplace, I was shy and timid, and as a result, somewhat reticent. That didn’t last long, thankfully, probably... Read more »

The Process Made Easy

The Only Form of Problem-Solving ...What would you say if I said there are no secret processes to be had–just the basic process we can apply to every plan we have to make and every problem we have to solve? I hope you would be flabbergasted, but believe me when I say it is true.... Read more »

Brainstorming or A Scavenger Hunt

Michael Starobin – 1AU Global Media, LLC gave a brilliant presentation about creativity in leadership at the Leadership Breakfast of Maryland recently. One question he asked: 'brainstorming' – is this a creative exercise? And offered an observation: “it stinks.” WOW! This is popular exercise for organizations – business and otherwise – all you need is... Read more »

On Becoming a Leading “Word Artist” on Stage and Page: How to ASPIRE-2 – Part I

As a speaker, writer and leader I’m always looking to follow in the mind-prints of, or at least understand and hopefully emulate, Nobel-prize winning scientist, Albert Szent Gyorgyi’s “elegantly simple” words: “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought!” With originality as frame, form and function, what... Read more »