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To Telework On Sunny Days? – Plus Your Weekend Reads

Monday brought another round of winter weather to the DC metro region. The federal government was closed, but not for teleworkers. Teleworkers were able to continue on, business as usual. The question becomes, if telework is acceptable/necessary on days when the weather if foul, is telework also an advantage on days when the sun isRead… Read more »

How To Get College Kids Interested In Gov – Plus Your Weekend Reads!

Millennials comprise only 8.5 percent of the federal workforce. In order to be innovative agencies must attract, hire and retain top talent from colleges and universities to ensure our government is positioned to tackle the country’s most pressing problems. What steps do agencies need to take to address this challenge? How can they do aRead… Read more »

NASCIO Unveils To-Do List For States – Plus Your Weekend Reads

Priority lists are commonplace in government. There are the 25-point implementation plans, the 7-year contracts and the 30-leases. However, creating a priority list of action items to be completed in the next year is rare. But that is exactly what the National Association of State Chief Information Officers have done by releasing their annual listRead… Read more »

More Than Numbers, Social Media Is About Engagement – Plus Your Weekend Reads

In today’s government, social media use is less about broadcasting messages and more about engaging citizens in a new way. What does that mean? Well, it means that instead of just sending out a Tweet from your agency Twitter feed, agencies are actively searching for ways to make that broadcast into a conversation. It soundsRead… Read more »

Are Small Budgets Good For Innovation – Part Two

Spending in the federal government is down. Sequestration has put a serious drain on many agency resources, but could the money squeeze actually create a breeding ground for innovation? In part two of our interview, with the first Chief Innovation Officer at NARA, Pamela Wright, told Chris Dorobek that the smaller budgets are forcing aRead… Read more »

Meet NARA’s First Chief Innovation Officer – Part 1

Innovation is one of those Rorschach terms, where innovation means different things to different people. Even amongst Chief Innovation Officers the role of innovation at an agency can vary greatly. So what really makes an innovative program? Pamela Wright is the first ever Chief Innovation Officer at NARA. She was also named one of FCW’sRead… Read more »

Innovation Designed, Why Visuals Matter – Plus your Weekend Reads!

When you think of well designed and easily accessible websites, government examples probably don’t come to mind first. You probably think of Apple or CNN, but that is what the VA Modernization Team is trying to fix. The team is part of the second round of the Presidential Innovation Fellowship program, and their goal isRead… Read more »

How to avoid another style procurement – Plus your weekend reads!

The political weight of placed a global spotlight on the some of the issues plaguing federal IT. Federal budget cuts, slow adoption rates and long procurement cycles have forced agency CIOs to maintain 30 year-old piecemeal legacy systems rather than invest in new technologies. Despite the effectiveness of some legacy systems, federal agencies spentRead… Read more »

The Transformative Power of the Internet – Plus Your Weekend Reads

In the 21st century the world runs on the internet. But so very few of us understand the power behind the mouse. In part four of the DorobekINSIDER’s interview with journalist and author Andrew Blum, we look at how these connected networks are transforming the way we live, work and think. It seems to beRead… Read more »

The Education Gap: Preparing for the Cyber Threat – Plus Your Weekend Reads

The missing link in cybersecurity may not be stronger firewalls or continuous monitoring, but the skills gap that currently exists with cyber pros. DorobekINSIDER Live wanted to get to the bottom of the problem during an impressive panel featuring: (Listen to the archive here): Ron Ross, Fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology’sRead… Read more »