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Government’s Communication Challenge or Opportunity?

By Megan Bensatte Communicating with the Public: A challenge for government If you work in government communications, you know that we often have a hard time getting our message across to the masses. While our concepts start off simple enough, the end product is weighed down with technical jargon, lawyer-like speak and far too manyRead… Read more »

Federal IT Contracting: An Interesting Read

By Daniel Eisen In my last post I promised that I would highlight some articles I have collected on federal Information Technology (IT) contracting. The pile was taller than I thought. My process of culling through articles kept reminding me of my how dad always used to say “how’s that going for you?” and “lotsRead… Read more »

Reforming the Public Service System?

Public administrators are facing the same challenges throughout the United States. Leading public organizations at all levels, lean, even effective and efficient public service and programs, are hearing public outcry to eliminate wasteful spending on programs and services during the current economic crisis. This outcry is making the news headlines on a continuous basis. Instantly,Read… Read more »

Can You Hear the Whistle?

Michael Pilato, creator of the Penn State mural “Inspiration,” made a change to his painting Saturday, removing the halo over former football coach Joe Paterno. This visual fall from glory was preceded by the July 12 release of a damning, 267-page investigative report on the on-going child abuse scandal, compiled by former FBI director LouisRead… Read more »

The Federal Pay Debate

There has been a lot of chatter around the salaries and benefits of public servants. Like every debate, there are two sides. We recently attended a panel discussion, organized by the Coalition for Effective Change (CEC), which brought this issue to the forefront by bringing together three of the biggest players in the debate: CongressionalRead… Read more »

Keeping the Jargon Out of Public Communication

Every field has its specialized vocabulary, and public administration is no exception. There is value to this shorthand, commonly referred to as jargon. We can communicate more efficiently and readily identify kindred spirits. The disadvantages seep in when we use professional jargon for public consumption. When specialized language is used in articles or speeches writtenRead… Read more »

Showing Appreciation for Our Public Servants

This week we have been celebrating Public Service Recognition Week. And this year, it seems more important than ever that we highlight public servants who are doing great work. In recent weeks, we have all seen a bombast of news stories about wasteful spending at the General Services Administration (GSA), corruption at the Transportation SecurityRead… Read more »

Legislative Tolerance

There are rites of passage in spring — flowers peek from the soil, the snow clearing equipment goes to the back of the shed, major religions celebrate important holidays, and state legislatures begin debating issues that can change our lives. Congress is in session all months now, but meaningful legislation moves slowly in Washington. StateRead… Read more »

Top 10 WWWD (What Would Washington Do)?

Nearly daily a political figure or commentator demands a return to the principles of America’s founding fathers. For a few of these speakers, incorporating colonial ideas on civility & decent behavior in company and conversation, might be very worthwhile. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, operator of the world’s largest living history museum in Williamsburg, Virginia holdsRead… Read more »

The Homework Quandry

Whether you teach elementary school or graduate school, the effectiveness and purpose of homework has long been debated. Should you ask, most people would probably tell you that homework is important and promotes learning and mastery of course material and in fact, research can be cited to support this intuitive assertion. For example, a studyRead… Read more »