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140 Characters of Crap: The Sophisticated Rise of Social Engineering on Twitter

Anybody that uses Twitter on a regular basis know that there are a lot of junk posts and meaningless content. There have even been studies done recently that categorized the type of posts and found that the majority wasn’t very “news worthy” to say the least. Yet there were some meaningful tweets, I have foundRead… Read more »

Why Social Media isn’t Cool: “Automation Killed The Social Media Star”

Don’t worry, I still believe social media is cool, but check out the perspective in the article: “Automation Killed The Social Media Star” it is stated that, “Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) tweeted the following: ‘Social media isnt cool. Human interaction is cool. Just fyi.’ ” I like the thought process in the article and it justRead… Read more »

Upcoming Event! Oct 22nd Bootable / Live Media Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM)

Bootable / Live Media Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM) Sponsored by the DISA CTO, Mr. Dave Mihelcic October 22, 2009 MITRE, Building 1 Auditorium McLean, Virginia Many DoD and Intel agencies are looking for ways to reduce the expense of removing attackers from their computer operating systems. In addition they are looking to operating systems thatRead… Read more »

Three Collaboration Tools Everyone Should Know

Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr, IM: do these sound like foreign words? In the face of new social media and collaboration, getting in touch over the Internet has never been more complicated. With so many of these whiz-bang technologies out there, it can be especially frustrating to figure out which ones are worth learning about andRead… Read more »